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  1. Participation in the workshops organized by the International Center for University Teaching of Jewish Civilization; seminar for Jewish philosophy, Jerusalem, 14-19.7.1991. Lecture: “Teaching Levinas on Revelation”.

  2. Participation in the congress of the Departments for Jewish Thought in Israel on the subject: “Myth in Jewish Thinking”, Ben-Gurion University, 6.5.1991.Lecture: “Levinas’s Refusal of Unio Mystica” (Hebrew).

  3. Participation in the workshops organized by the International Center for University Teaching of Jewish Civilization; seminar for Jewish philosophy, Jerusalem, 12-17.7.1992. Lecture: “Teaching Rosenzweig to Israeli Students.”

  4. Participation in the “International Conference on Guilt, Atonement, Repentance, Apology,Reparation, Penance and Forgiveness from a Christian, Jewish and Islamic Perspective,” Jerusalem, Hebrew University,27.12.1992-1.1.1993.

  5. Lectures at the Universities of Kassel and Oldenburg, Germany, 17-26.1.1993.

  6. Participation in the international congress „Sense andNonsense in Philosophy and Psychopathology,” Bar-Ilan University, 7-8.6.1993. Lecture: „Philosophical Reflections on Moral Sense: Perversity as a Refusal of the Reality Principle.”

  7. Participation in the Twenty-Fifth Annual Conference of the Association for Jewish Studies, Harvard University, Cambridge, 12-14.12.1993. Lecture: “Success and Failure in Levinas's Approach to the Feminine”.Lecture atPrinceton University on the same subject, December 1993.

  8. Participation in the “International Conference on Responses to Genocide and Holocausts from a Theological, Historical, Philosophical, Psychological and Literary Perspective, Approached from Judaic, Christian and Muslim Views,” 26 December 1993 – 2 January 1994. Lecture:The Holocaust as the End of Theodicy: Levinas's Reflections on Evil.”

  9. Participation in the congress of the Departments for Jewish Thought in Israel, Bar-Ilan University, 31.7.1994. Lecture: “Levinas’s ‘Totality and Infinity’ as Search for the Preconditions of Ethics” (Hebrew).

  10. A series of lectures on Christian relations to Jews in the Middle Ages and on the ways Jews organized in that period, from 30.6.1994 until 8.7.1994 at the State University of Moscow and in the Institute for Afro-Asian Studies there.

  11. Participation in the workshops organized by the International Center for University Teaching of Jewish Civilization, seminar for Jewish philosophy, Jerusalem, 10-15.7.1994. Lecture: “Teaching Mendelssohn's Concept of Jewish Singularity in an Israeli Context.”

  12. Participation in the Congress of the Association for Jewish Studies, Boston, December, 18-20, 1994. Lecture: “Appearance of B. Spinoza in H. Cohen and F. Rosenzweig.”

  13. Participation in the International Conference on Teaching the Holocaust in Universities and Secondary Schools from the Perspective of History, Philosophy, Ethics, Theology, Literature, Law, Education, Psychology and Sociology,”Jerusalem, December 25, 1994 - January 2, 1995. Lecture: “Teaching the Holocaust to Israeli Students.”

  14. A series of lectures on Jewish history and thought in the modern period, at the State University of Moscow and in the Institute for Afro-Asian Studies there, from 25.1.1995 until 20.2.1995.

  15. Participation in the “Annual Conference of the Moscow Center for University Teaching of Jewish Civilization SEFER’,” February 5-7,1995. Lecture: “Problems in Teaching Modern Jewish Philosophy.”

  16. Participation in the Congress on “Philosophical Activity and the Neighbor,” at the occasion of the celebration of the 75th Birthday of Prof. Marcel Dubois, Mount Scopus, Jerusalem, 21.3.1995. Lecture: “War and Peace in the Philosophy of Emmanuel Levinas” (Hebrew).

  17. Participation in the congress “Épistémologie des études juives. Premières Journées d’études,” Jerusalem, 22-23.3.1995. Lecture: “Le concept de la paix dans la philosophie juive moderne.”

  18. Participation in the congress of the Association for Jewish Studies, Boston, December 17-19,1995. Lecture: “Peace and War in E. Levinas's Ethical Metaphysics.”

  19. Evening in the Academy of Sciences, Jerusalem, on the occasion of my Hebrew translation of Levinas’s “Ethics and Infinity”, with participation of Harel Fish, Shalom Rosenberg, Ze’ev Levy and Ze’ev Harvey, 8.12.1995.

  20. Participation in the “Dritte Joseph Carlebach-Konferenz” on the theme “Toleranz im Verhältnis von Religion und Gesellschaft,” Bar-Ilan University, 26-28.3.1996. Lecture: “Judaism as Tolerance in Levinas’s Thinking.”

  21. Participation in the International Congress “Judentum und Moderne in Frankreich und Italien,” Münster, June, 2 – 6, 1996. Lecture: “L’idée du retour dans la pensée d’André Neher.”

  22. Lecture at the University of Hamburg, 7th of June 1996: “Die jüdischen Wurzeln der Philosophie von Emmanuel Levinas.”

  23. Participation in the joint congress of the Department of Philosophy and the Law Faculty, Bar-Ilan University, on the theme: “Judaism: Law, Civil Rule and Values,” . Lecture: “Ethics, Religion and Politics in Levinas’s Thought” (Hebrew).

  24. Participation in the international congress “Philosophical Roots of Anti-Semitism,” Bar-Ilan University, 20.6.1996. Lecture: “Augustine’s Adversus Judaeos.”

  25. Participation in the Jesselson Symposium on “Ethics, Judaism and Technological Progress,” Technion, Haifa, October 7-10, 1996. Lecture: “E. Levinas’s View on Technology, Ethics and Judaism.”

  26. Participation in the International Conference on “The Holocaust: Rescue, Survival, Escape and Guilt,” Givat Ram Campus, Jerusalem, December 25, 1996 - January 4, 1997. Lecture: “The Holocaust as the Forgetting of the Law.”

  27. Participation in the congress of the Departments for Jewish Philosophy in Israel on the subject “The Faith of Abraham,” Bar-Ilan University, 25.2.1997. Lecture: “Buber’s Dialogical Interpretation of the Binding of Isaac – Between Kierkegaard and Hasidism.”

  28. Participation in the congress on “Levinas’s Philosophy,” Hebraica University, Mexico, 16-17.6.1997. Lecture: “Levinas’s Philosophy and Jewish Thought Today.”

  29. Lecture at Universidad Autonoma Metropolitana (UAM), Iztapalapa, Mexico, 17.6.1997: “The Notion of Religion in Levinas’s Thought: Difficult Freedom, PartOne.”

  30. Lecture at Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico (UNAM), Fac. de Filosofia y Letras, 18.6.1997. Lecture: “Levinas’s Criticism of Unio Mystica.”

  31. Lecture at Universidad Iberoamericana (UIA), Departamento de filosofia, 19.6.1997. Lecture: “Levinas’s Notion of Revelation and his Relationship to Rosenzweig’s ‘Star of Redemption’.”

  32. Lecture at the University of Hamburg, 7.7.1997: “Einfluss der dialogischen Philosophie auf die Erziehung.”

  33. Participation in the Twelfth World Congress of Jewish Studies, Jerusalem, July 29- August 5, 1997. Lecture: “Levinas’s Talmudic Hermeneutics.”

  34. Participation in a congress at the occasion of the publication of Prof. Levy’sMonograph on Levinas’s philosophy, Haifa, 30.12.1997. Lecture: “The Tree of Life and the Tree of Knowledge in Kafka and Levinas”(Hebrew).

  35. Participation in the International Conference on Roots of the Holocaust, Givat Ram Campus, Jerusalem, December 24, 1997 - January 5, 1998. Lecture: “Augustine on the Jews: the Case of the Prodigal Son of Luke 15.”

  36. A series of lectures on Jews and Christians, Moscow, January 2-9, 1998, in the framework of a project of Prof. Oded Schremer.

  37. Lecture: “Medizinale Ethik vom Standpunkt der Jüdischen Dialogalen Philosophie” at the occasion of the foundation of the Cathedra “Light from Zion,” Bar-Ilan University, 9.11.1998.

  38. Participation au Colloque “Langue et Culture israéliennes entre Tradition et Modernité”, organisé par le Département d'Études Hébraïques et Juives de l'Université des Sciences Humaines de Strasbourg (USHS), 25-26 mars 1998. Conférence :”La présence biblique dans la culture hebraïque contemporaine”.

  39. Conférence magistrale, Strasbourg: “La Terre d'Israël dans la pensée juive hier et aujourd'hui”, USHS, 26 mars 1998.

  40. Conférence à Paris, Sorbonne, Amphithéâtre Richelieu, 26 mars 1998: “Le concept de la paix dans la philosophie d'Emmanuel Lévinas”.

  41. Participation in the international congress on “Politik und Religion im Judentum,”organized by “Romania Judaica,”Westfälische Wilhelms-Universität, Münster, 18-20.5.1998. Lecture: “The Challenge of Modern Religious Education in the Secular State of Israel.”

  42. In the framework of the “Jüdische Kulturwochen 1998”: a) participation in the symposion “Das Land der Verheissung: Die Gründung des Staates Israel aus religiöser Sicht,” May 25, 1998. Lecture: “Das Nationale und das Religiöse im Staate Israel.” b) presentation of Bar Ilan University in the “Österreichische Nationalbibliothek,” May 26, 1998: “Eine religiöse Universität – eine Universität für religiöse?”

  43. Participation in the International Theology Conference on the theme “No Other Gods” in the Shalom Hartman Institute, Jerusalem, February 22-25, 1999.

  44. Participation in the congress “Eternity in Changing Times. André Neher and Post-Holocaust Jewish Thought,” 20-21.1.1999. Lecture: “Our Jewish Identity” (Hebrew).

  45. Lecture in the famework of “Project Interchange” of the American Jewish Congress, Jerusalem, 12.3.1999. Title: “The Land and the People: The History and Vision ofZionism.”

  46. Participation in the congress of the Departments for Jewish Thought in Israel in Honor of Prof. Rivka Horwitz, Ben Gurion University, . Lecture; “Truth and Justice in Levinas’s Thought”(Hebrew).

  47. Lecture at the occasion of the publication of Prof. E. Schweid’s book “Prophets for Their People and Humanity” (Hebrew), Van Leer Institute, Jerusalem, 26.5.1999.

  48. Congress on the subject of “Jewish Responses to Modernity: Spinoza, Rabbi Kook, Levinas,” at the occasion of the retirement of Prof. Ben Shlomo, Tel Aviv 9.6.1999. Chair and respondent in the session on Levinas.

  49. Participation in the congress “Purity, Impurity, and Race: The Ethical Debate following the Nuremberg Trials (1945-1946) and the Nuremberg Codex (1947),”14-15.6.1999. Lecture: The Crime against Humanity and Annihilation of Civilization.”

  50. Congress in Memory of Prof. Moshe Schwarz “Language and Thought – Language and Culture. Jewish Thought and General Culture,” Bar-Ilan University, 2-3.11.1999. Chair of the session on Moshe Schwarz as Interpreter of Franz Rosenzweig.

  51. Participation in the international congress on Johann Wolfgang von Goethe (1749-1832), Bar-Ilan University, 14.12.1999. Lecture: “Rosenzweig and Goethe.”

  52. Participation in the Thirty-First Annual Conference of the Association for Jewish Studies, December 19-21, 1999, Chicago. Lecture: ”Heschel and Levinas on Revelation.” Chair and respondent of the session “The Economy of Friendship: Beyond Buber and Levinas.”

  53. Participation in the Eighth International Conference on Anti-Semitism “Holocaust Studies at the Millennium,” December 27, 1999 - January 2, 2000, Givat Ram Campus, Jerusalem. Lecture: ”Belgian Anti-Semitism in the Thirties.”

  54. Participation in the International Conference “Abraham Joshua Heschel aujourd’hui,” organized by the Centre Communautaire de Paris and La Fondation du Judaïsme français, January, 15-17, 2000. Lecture: ”Heschel et Lévinas.”

  55. Participation in the International Conference “Levinas e la Cultura del XX Secolo,” organized by Dipartimento di Filosofia “A. Aliotta,” Napoli, April, -12, 2000.

  56. Participation in the congress of the Departments for Jewish Thought in Israel on the subject “Mythos, History and Utopia in Jewish Thought,” Tel Aviv University, 13.4.2000. Lecture: “The Utopia of Shalom and the Topic of Politics in Levinas’s Philosophy” (Hebrew).

  57. Vortrag “Neuere Jüdische Religionsphilosophie im Gespräch mit dem Christentum”, Fachgruppe Theologie/Religionspädagogik, Universität Kassel, 19. Juni 2000.

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  63. Participation au colloque “L’eau, un enjeu du xxi-ième siècle. Proche-Orient: sources et ressources”, organisé par la Maison de la Culture Juive en collaboration avec le Keren Kayyemet Le-Yisrael, 26 novembre, 2000, Bruxelles. Conférence: ”l’eau dans les sources juives”.

  64. Participation in the 32nd Annual Conference of the Association for Jewish Studies, Boston, Mass., December 17-19, 2000.Session: Two Thousand Unpublished Letters of Franz Rosenzweig.” Chair and respondent to the lecture of R. Horwitz “New Insights on Rosenzweig as Revealed in the Collection of Unpublished Letters.”

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  81. Respondent to the lecture of Benjamin Harshav “The Modern Jewish Revolution: Major Points for its Understanding” (July 16, 2002) in the framework of the Workshop (in association with the Berlin-Brandenburgische Akademie der Wissenschaften) “The Jewish Renaissance in the Early 20th Century in Comparative Perspective,” Schloss Blankensee, July 14-17, 2002.

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  83. Lecture at the Paideia Institute, Stockholm, May 5, 2003. Title: “The Idea of Revelation in Levinas’s Ethical Metaphysics.” In the evening of the same day, open lecture with the title: Buber’s and Levinas’s Attitude toward Judaism.”

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  85. Lecture in the London School of Jewish Studies, May 9, 2003, with the title ”Buber’s and Levinas’s attitude toward Judaism.”

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  103. Participation in a conference on Dialogue, November 19, 2006, Zürich. Lecture : “Martin Bubers Dialogkonzept von ‘Ich und Du’.”

  104.  Participation in the international congress on “Le secret de l’hébraïsme: Kabbale, philosophie et éducation dans la pensée de Yéhouda Léon Ashkénazi (Manitou)”, December 21, 2006, Bar-Ilan University. Lecture : “Manitou the Hebrew and Levinas the Jew” (Hebrew).

  105. Participation in the congress of judges of the special rabbinical courts for giur, 26-28.12.2006, Novotel, Jerusalem. Lecture, 27.12: “Giur as welcoming otherness.”

  106.  Hochschule für Jüdische Studien, Heidelberg, 6. Februar 2007. Vorlesung: „Einige jüdische Standpunkte über das Verhältnis zwischen Gott und Geschichte im Hinblick auf die Shoa”; Seminar: „Maimonides’ Dreizehn Prinzipien”.

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  109.  Participation in the international congress “Neues Denken – Jüdisches Denken. Franz Rosenzweig zum 120. Geburtstag. Eine Retro-Perspektive”, Hermann-Cohen-Akademie, Arnoldshain, June 28-July 1, 2007. Lecture, June 29: “Death and Time in Rosenzweig and Levinas”.

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